alterDo I have to be invited in order to join?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be “invited” to become a freemason. Like any society we prefer to introduce candidates who are already known to existing members, however, this does not debar anyone from making an approach to us on their own behalf. Indeed, this is generally regarded as a very healthy sign of personal initiative and commitment and indicates an existing sympathy with our aims and beliefs.

Who is eligible for membership?

Any person, man or woman, can apply for admission who is of mature age (at least eighteen years old), who is “free” (in this context meaning that they have no personal obligations or limitations to prevent them from functioning as a Freemason), and who is of good report (that is, who sympathizes with and is willing to try to live according to the ideals of Freemasonry).


What options are there for someone who wishes to become a member of Le Droit Humain but no Lodge exists close to them?

A virtual Lodge exists where members can work through the degrees of Freemasonry in an online forum or through email correspondence with senior members. The members will be required to travel to a functioning Lodge which can perform the ceremonies relevant to the degrees, or if a large group of candidates are present it may be possible to have the ceremony in the candidates’ locale.

What happens when an application is submitted?

After an application is submitted a committee of inquiry will be formed and the members will contact the applicant for the interview process. Some Lodges will ask to visit the applicant in their home and meet their family. The applicant may also be asked to come to meet the members of the Lodge at a Temple to further the interview process. After the interview process your application will be read in a Lodge at least two times and the members of the Lodge will vote whether or not to accept the application. This process can take anywhere from 2-6 months.

To inquire about applying for membership please fill out our contact form.  A senior member will contact you as quickly as possible. Click Here