SPES Charity

SPESCharity is a main focus of most Masonic orders, including Le Droit Humane. Our Order sponsors an International Charity “SPES”. Declaration of the constitution of the association “SPES” Soutien Pour l’Enfance en Souffrance (support for suffering childhood ). This organization supports orphans in aids ravaged Africa by supporting orphan children via supplying housing, healthcare, education, and community support while maintaining the children within and still a part of their community as well as supporting the schools of the villages to benefit the children and the village as well. Members can donate to this cause by the US arm “SPES USA” as well as “fostering” children by monetarily sponsoring a child through the organization.

SPESsmMore Information can be found on the SPES site Here  facebookvsmYou can also visit their Facebook Pages Here and Here

Le Droit Humain American Federation CharityIndividual Lodges collect funds throughout the year to also donate to local and national charities, as well as the above mentioned organization. The funds disbursement is voted on annually by the members of the Lodge to donate funds to these charities. Lodges and individuals also perform physical charity work, as they are able. For centuries Freemasons have given to those needing assistance.  Today Freemasons still practice this virtue of ‘charity’ and whether through charitable donations or physical charity work, we believe in aiding to the betterment of humanity by a helping hand from one individual to another to satisfy one need.